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Neighborhood Overview

The name Sengkang originated by a road named Lorong Sengkang in the area that doesn’t exist today. It literally means “prosperous harbour” when translated from Chinese. What used to be a fishing village, Sengkang is visioned to be turned into a housing estate in the future by the Housing and Development Board. The area is covered within 11 sq km with approximately 10,000 residents overall.
If you’re looking for residential spaces in Sengkang, you are in luck, as there are a lot of available properties in the area. It should be noted though that the usual HBD spaces in Sengkang are smaller in sized in comparison to a regular flat in Singapore.

Common Types of Aircons in Sengkang

Key Attractions

Driving Directions

It is an easy drive all the way to Sengkang which is just 19 minutes away from our main office. The area in Sengkang can be reached through driving along Fortune Centre which is just meters from the Bugis Junction fronting the Bishak Hall. Go through the Sunshine Plaza in the far right corner and reaching its Central point of Sengkang by the Comfort Delgro Centre.

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