Our Services and Prices

General Servicing
Service includes:
Clean & service air filter
Brush & clean fan blower
Disinfect & clean water tray
Clean & check fan cover and panels
Both Wall-mounted and Cassette units 
Tri Yearly
1 Fan coil
2 Fan coils
3 Fan coils
4 Fan coils
5 Fan coils
6+ Fan coils
$19.00 / Fan coil
$17.00 / Fan coil
$17.00 / Fan coil
Chemical Wash
Service includes:
Chemically disinfecting of air filters
Vacuum of internal filters
Disinfecting cooling coil with chemicals
Fan blower & water tray disinfection
Checking of temperature & pressure discharge
1 Fan coil
2 Fan coil
3 Fan coil
4 Fan coil
Chemical Overhaul
Service includes:
Dismantling and cleaning every part of the unit
Chemically disinfecting the filters
Chemically brushing the internal parts
Chemically flushing the drainage pipe
Vacuuming of unit to clear any blockages
1 Fan coil
2 Fan coil
3 Fan coil
4 Fan coil
Indoor Aircon Repair
We Fix:
Water and gas leaks
Aircon is not blowing cold air
Auto shutdown and blinking of lights
Temperature can't be changed / remote failure
Replacing and installing of spare parts
Outdoor Unit Servicing
Service includes:
Cleaning and checking of cover, air filter and fan
Chemically disinfecting the interior of the unit with jet wash
Checking of discharge temperature and pressure
Chemically flushing the drainage system
Diagnostics and Repairs

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Our Machine in Action

Our Process

Cleaning and Disinfecting Air Filter
Filters keep your air cleaned of dust particles and allergens, and using dirty filters can leave a musty spell and harm your health. We chemically clean your filters to make them good as new, keeping your air cool and fresh!
Chemically Cleaning the Water Tray and Fan Blower
Your aircon's fan blower directs the flow of cool air, and is likely full of germs and dust particles that can harm air quality if left uncleaned. The water tray collects condensation and if left unchecked can breed germs or even mosquitoes! We give them a thorough chemical wash and disinfection to ensure a germ-free environment for your family's health.
Interior System Vacuuming
Waste water and substances can get trapped in your aircon's interior filters or in the cramped space between small inner components. We give your aircon a full interior spray-clean with chemicals, then vacuum it with a special high-power liquid vacuum to ensure your aircon is spick-and-span!
Flushing of the Drainage System
Your aircon's waste water and substances need to go somewhere, and an effective drainage system is essential to keep your aircon functioning. Any blockages can result in toxic waste build-up, or even algae growth that can severely damage your aircon and health. To combat this, we'll chemically flush your drainage system and keep your pipes free of all blockages and clogs.

3 Reasons Why Our Customers Trust Us

Aircon Servicing - A Decade of Experience

Guaranteeing qualified and trained technicians

Oasis doesn't hire any fresh trainees, but only highly skilled and experienced technicians with at least a decade of experience, so they have the expertise required to diagnose and repair multiple kinds of aircons, under multiple situations. They've cleaned and serviced thousands of aircon units, so you can be assured that your aircons are in very good hands. Our services cover all areas from Bishan to Tuas.

Compensation & Insurance - A Million Worth!

For your peace of mind

As established industry professionals, Oasis is aware of the possible dangers and accidents that can occur when doing aircon maintenance. Our services comes with a commitment to safety, and the assurance that if accidents do happen, our clients are always protected. All our crew members are covered by Tokio Marine for insurance and compensation for workman injury.

Workmanship Warranty - For 30 Days

To show our commitment to excellence

Oasis is the industry standard when it comes to air con servicing. Because we're confident in our excellence, we provide 30 days warranty for all our air con service packages. If there are issues with what we do, we will go back to ensure it's fixed for good. Our after-service care equates to your assurance, and we will proudly cater to any further needs you may have, leaving no job undone.

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