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Portable Aircons

Portable air conditioners are self-contained portable system that is mostly used for cooling single rooms or small spaces. A portable aircon as the name suggests, is a type of aircon which you can move from one place to another. It usually comes with instructions for easier installation and is typically situated on floors. Some portable aircons have wheels making it easier to be moved from one room to another, making them a nice alternative to window aircon units.

Pros and Cons of a Portable Aircon


  1. No Restrictions
    Since portable air conditioners can be moved to different areas, it is easy to relocate them from room to room. It can also be very helpful for those who like to go on adventures and who likes to travel, or to RV owners, travel trailers or pop-up campers. Portable air conditioners are a perfect solution for small living spaces and recreational vehicles.
  2. Cools and Dehumidifies
    Portable air conditioning units are basically two units in one because it rids the air of both humidity and heat simultaneously. Therefore, it does not only cool the air but it also dehumidifies it, making the room both cool and dry at the same time. This is perfect for those who are prone to allergies as it regulates the humidity level to remain low.
  3. Saves Space and Money
    Central air condition systems are not suitable for small rooms and spaces since it uses too much energy and could greatly affect your electricity bills. That is why portable air conditioning systems are perfect for small rooms and spaces. It is small and sleek so it does not consume too much space. Also, it can save up energy when you only want to cool one or two rooms and not the entire house.


  1. Noisier than others
    Portable air conditioning units tend to create more noise than that of other aircon units and ducted air conditioners. This is because each component of these portable air conditioners resides inside unlike window ACs where the noisiest part of the unit is technically placed outside of the room which will automatically eliminate the noise coming from the air conditioner.
  2. Limited Cooling Space
    Although portable air conditioners are perfect for smaller rooms, it is also is a disadvantage in a way because of its limited range. It can only generally cool a small room since the cooling outputs for these types of units are far less likely than that of window type and centralized air conditioners.
  3. Difficult Water Management
    Air conditioners are designed to pull humidity out of the air while keeping the room cool and comfortable. When this happens, the moisture will result to water build up and will need to be released. Unlike window type ACs where water is released outside, portable ACs releases water indoors.

How to Clean Portable Aircons

  1. Unplug the Unit and Drain the Water
    Since the air conditioner also serves as a dehumidifier by removing moisture from the air, it condensates into water and is then collected in a bucket. It is pertinent that the water from the bucket is drained periodically as well as emptying it before we begin to clean it to avoid damaging the unit.
  2. Dry out the inside of the Unit and removing dirt and dust particles
    Drying out the inside of the unit will make cleaning the aircon unit easier and will ensure that after cleaning the unit, no dust particles and dirt are stuck in the filters as well as the insides of the unit. We make sure that the filters are thoroughly cleaned and dust free.
  3. Rinsing the air Filter and Cleaning the Air Vents
    After removing the dirt and dust particles we carefully rinse the air filters with water and soap to ensure that the filters are cleaned thoroughly. We let it dry while we clean the rest of the unit. The air vents are cleaned by using a hand held vacuum and cooling coils are also sprayed with a special solution.
  4. Cleaning the outside housing
    Once the inside parts are cleaned and are placed in its original places, we then clean the outside housing by wiping it down with a damp cloth. We usually refrain from using strong chemicals, cleansers or detergents when cleaning the outside housing to avoid damaging the unit.

Three Reasons Why You Should Let Us
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We are the best at what we do

Our company has been successful in catering all the needs and problems of our customers. Our customers believe that we always give them the best and most satisfying professional help, because that is one of our core values, to provide the best of the best. We believe that our success stems from the hard work and experience that our pioneers have gone through and passed to all of our employees.

Our technicians are the best

Through training and decades of experience, our company has grown to have the best technicians in the market, catering different types of aircon units such as portable, inverter and many more. Our top tier quality customer service is evident from this as our clients have continuously provided us with great feedback and formed great relationships with our technicians. We ensure that our hiring process involves two of the important factors - right skill set and great attitude towards what we do best.

Great Working Partnership

The customer is always right, and this has always been one of the things our company has been prioritizing. We believe that success starts from good partnerships with clients. We always listen to our customers’ need and feedback, and we strive to do our best to immediately respond to their concerns. As a return, they give us reasonable comments and suggestions to further improve our procedures in different types of aircon servicing.

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