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Company History

This brand started out in 1992 importing products made in Italy, hoods, oven and many more. Despite the name, this corporation is actually from Singapore. The brand name is conceived from their products being comparable to European style. Their proficiency on European products has paved the way to their success in the electronics business. Their innovation greatly follows the trend of modern lifestyle that is reliable and elegant.

EuropAce was mainly built around the mission of meeting the common needs of every household and making their everyday lives easier. Today, EuropAce is hailed as the front-runner of Home appliances in Singapore with the widest range of products consisting of 40 product lines with 200 models. Their products are distributed locally in Singapore and some retail online stores but they are in the process of making it a global brand in the near future.

3 Most Popular EuropAce Aircons

How to Service EuropAce Aircons

  1. Open the Cover
    Opening the front panel of a EuropAce Aircon varies between a window-type AC and a portable one. For window-type AC simply grasp either side of the unit then carefully pulling its side towards you to expose the filters. For portable AC, the filters are located at the back and side portion of the unit.
  2. Remove the Air Filter
    For portable type AC, gently hold the filter handle on the side and take it out on the direction opposite its position. There are four sets of filters so make sure that all are checked and removed for cleaning. Make sure to carefully remove the filters to avoid permanently damaging it. The filters at the back panel should be removed first before the side panel.
  3. Wash the Air Filter
    The filters are treated and cleaned the same way as all filters are. This can be done by gently cleaning them in warm water about 104*F. Use mild detergent to soften any clogged hard dirt in the filters. Make sure nit to bend the filters during washing and not hitting it against sharp edges as this would destroy the membranes of the filters.
  4. Replace the Air Filter
    The filters are placed in an order where the side panels of the filters are placed first before the back panel.  Insert the filters at the edge of the slot by gripping the filter holders in one hand and pushing it inwards. This is installed in the opposite way the filters are removed.

3 Reasons to hire Oasis Aircon for servicing your EuropAce Aircon

  1. Oasis has a commitment to maintain quality service
    The company never ceases to improve itself in the ever changing and evolution of technology. We constantly keep up with innovation and are updated with new turn-around of new technology. In this way we adapt to that change and we are able to expand our aircon servicing to everybody.
  2. We fervently listen to our customers
    It is very important to keep our customers satisfied with the services we offer. In order to achieve that, accepting comments and suggestions is highly appreciated. It is our aim to continually evolve our services according to the preference to each and every clientele. It is a fact that no customer is ever the same from another, so our dynamism in handling different types of customers is an asset that we maintain.
  3. There’s nothing like clean and functional AC
    It is a fact that our air conditioning units are still considered machines that will deteriorate throughout the years. In order to lengthen that time and maximize what we paid for, proper maintenance should be done to achieve that. Oasis Services shares the same value of how important regular maintenance is for AC units. Our knowledge of the technicalities will determine the viability of your AC unit and we are here to lengthen that.
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