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Diagnosing Your Drain Problem - 3 Things to Look Out For

Signs of Leaking and Flooding

Due to obstruction from the possibility of growth from mold or algae, this could affect the condensate drain line. Following the occlusion results to the pan being entirely filled with water and could overflow if left unnoticed. This problem should be resolved right away or else it could damage your drywall, flooring and eventually the AC unit.

Mold Growth

Air condition condensate drain is structured in a U-shaped form. It is very important that this part of the system works properly to drain out the moisture and water properly. In the event that the condensate drain is occluded, may it be from dirt and accumulation of dust, fungus and molds will start to grow inside the system. The AC unit is usually moist in certain seasons like during the transition to summer season. This is very harmful as it would bring toxic odor back into the indoor environment. One way of preventing this is to keep the drain clean and make sure there are no occlusions.

Inspect Corrosion or Water Stains

Proper and regular inspection of the drain should be done by professionals as this is sometimes hard to detect if you’re troubleshooting the AC system by yourself. The condensate drip pan found at the lower part of the cooling coil will show that there is a leak from the drains and this should be thoroughly cleaned. Corrosion will indicate that there has been water draining inefficiently from the system.

3 Quick and Easy Methods to Take Care of the Drain Problem Temporarily

Use Chlorine Bleach or Distilled Vinegar

One of the most common problems of AC drain line is occlusion brought by mildews and fungus. This can be done by cleaning the drainpipe using a wire brush to get rid of the clog that has been obstructing the drain. Prepare a cup of chlorine bleach to be poured down the drain line to help dissolve the mold and algae that could possibly be growing inside the pipeline. Other alternative from chlorine bleach is one-quarter cup of distilled white vinegar that also acts against algae growth.

Run Water into the Drain Line

Another solution of the AC drain problem can be found in your own garden area. A clean running water from your garden hose can be used to loosen the clog from the drain pipe. You can do this by attaching the hose into the drain line and carefully turning on the water. This should be done properly as too much pressure from the water line may cause additional leaks most especially in cases wherein the clog is already well-formed.

Use a Shop Vac or a Plumbers Snake

Other materials can be a tool to remove the clog from the drain line. A long plumbers snake can be inserted into the drain opening and working it up inside until it reaches the obstruction to be removed. Another way is by using a suction hose from a Shop Vac that can help remove any hardened molds and algae forming inside.

3 Reasons to Seek for Professional Help

They Understand Your Problem

Common problems experienced by customers have already been experienced countless times by the technicians themselves a lot of times. They already know the best way possible to handle the problem. The chances of detecting the problem and having it fixed properly and is higher than handling the situation yourself. Professional servicemen use air conditioning system and understand the importance of it from the lives of people.

Avoid Spending Unnecessary Tools

Technicians already have the right tools to be used to fix any problem that should be done. Fixing the problem yourself can result to buying the stuff that you may or may not need that could add up to your expenses. Aircon Professionals from Oasis Services are trained to use these tools to efficiently fix AC conditions and do proper maintenance.

More Knowledgeable

Professionals have the proper knowledge from the training they have undergone pairing it with the countless experiences they had with former clients. This is the main reason why entrusting your AC system is important because they are well aware of these problems and how to deal with it. Many would think that handling the repair all to themselves will save them money but the truth is it would cost them even more when things go wrong.

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