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Chemical Overhaul
Service includes:
Unit dismantled and every part cleaned
Chemical disinfection of filters
Chemically brush all interior parts
Chemically flush drainage piping
Vacuuming to clear blockage
1 Fan coil
2 Fan coil
3 Fan coil
4 Fan coil

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Our Aircon Chemical Overhaul Process

Dismantling of the Unit
The air con unit has to be uninstalled to ensure that every part is covered for the cleaning process. In this way, depending on your aircon structure, the dismantling process needs to be carefully done since some parts may be damaged and affect the overall functioning of the system.
Chemical Cleaning
Now that the whole air conditioning unit is disassembled, we thoroughly clean each and every part using chemical-based solutions to remove any form of accumulated dust and dirt. The chemicals used in this process ensures 100% breakdown and disinfection of dirt and dust for cooler and healthier air quality.
Checking, Testing and further Cleaning
Chemical overhaul for aircon also includes checking of the control and thermostats as well as testing if the whole unit is properly functioning again. Chemically washed parts are also be cleaned by water as to prevent corrosion, and we provide final cleaning of other parts such as blower, drain pan and blades.
While reinstalling the fan coil, we also check the aircon’s pressure for further abnormalities. If everything is fine and working, your aircon should be giving you fresh and cool air again.

Three reasons why we're trusted

A Decade of Aircon Service

Maintaining Gold-Standards

Throughout the years, we've provided our customers undeniably professional and reliable aircon chemical overhaul services. This is due to our highly skilled and experienced technicians who have gone through decades of inspection, diagnosing and repairing. Oasis Aircon strongly believes that this kind of skill set should be passed to our new hires to maintain customer satisfaction and to live up with the standards. We've serviced aircons all across the island from Bishan to Tuas.

Public Liability Insurance: $1,000,000

Assurance in Safety

Our company is also committed in providing our customers and crew members safety assurances. We are aware of the possible dangers and risks in providing mechanical maintenance, and this is really important to us in maintaining professionalism and credibility in the industry. With this, Oasis is backed up by Tokio Marine in terms of insurances and compensations for clients and staff.

Warranty in All Services

Customer Satisfaction is Priority

Oasis has built a foundation of trust with our customers because of the service and follow-up maintenance we provide. All of our services cover 30-day warranty, which means that if a problem occurred due to our , we'll go back and ensure it's fixed completely. In this way, you are assured that we will always be open to your further needs, because customer satisfaction is one of our priorities.

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