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Aircon Problem: Leaking Water

Summer is one season where our air cooling system is needed the most. Cooling yourself off after bathing under the heat of the sun may be because you are out to do errands or what not. Problems also arise in this particular season due to the demand of the cooling system to do more work to compensate with the hot temperature of the season.

One of the most common problems people encounter from their AC system is related to water leaking from the AC itself. This is also considered to be one of the most neglected problems from homeowners that are not addressed right away. This can cause tremendous damage when not solved right away. Little do people also realize is that this can be easily resolved by the end-user themselves without the help of professional technicians such as those from Oasis and its aircon servicing.

There are a lot of reasons why AC units tend to leak and properly investigating the cause should be determined to be able to make appropriate action. A few of the reasons why there is a leak from the AC are: presence of cracks in the drain pan, clogged air filter and condensate line. There are different approaches to be able to solve these problems.

We've consolidated the different reasons why your aircon is dripping in this article: Why Is Your Aircon Dripping or Leaking Water

Checking for Signs of a Leaking Aircon

Other Problems: Refrigerant Leaks

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