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Split Aircons

Just like some of the other types of air cooling system, Split type AC is composed of two parts, the indoor and outdoor unit. An outdoor unit is placed outside of the room not necessarily where the indoor unit is located. This contains the system’s compressor, coils, and tubing while the indoor unit houses the cooling coil, blower and air filter. What differs in this AC type is the absence of ductwork that increases its efficiency in saving energy during operation.

Pros and Cons of a Split Aircon


  1. Quieter Operation
    Split Type AC has two separate units that operates together giving out the best air cooling system there is. That kind of set-up has its advantage in terms of seamless and quieter operation in comparison to other AC. The parts of the system that makes most of the noise are the compressor and fan from the condenser are all located inside the outdoor unit which isolates the noise.
  2. Multi-Split System
    Large establishments and homes can benefit very well from this type of air cooling system without purchasing a whole new set of the same type. Split AC system can connect multiple indoor units from a sing outdoor unit if you have multiple room and spaces that needs air conditioning. This will help cool different rooms while maintaining the right temperature.
  3. Cost-Effective
    Most people would be turned off by the price of purchasing and installing a slit type AC, while this is apparently true, you’ll realize in the long run that it will save you a lot. Depending on how and where it will be used, if done right, then you will definitely save more money. Aside from thefact that this has a more energy efficient feature compared to other AC system, this is a more practical way of cooling large multiple room than having individual ACs in every room.


  1. Installation
    Due to the complexity of a Split Type AC set-up, having it installed can be a hassle for some reason like installing a cassette aircon. Primarily, having it installed will require professional assistance to precisely have it placed properly in your space. Although there can be multiple professionals available to do this, looking for the best licensed installer should be considered.
  2. Expensive
    Although the cost of having a Split Type AC is considered to be an advantage in the long-run, this can also be a disadvantage for most people. No matter how efficient this AC system can both benefit in terms of operation and its energy-saving capacity, purchasing it and having it installed is without a doubt expensive.
  3. Set-up and Location
    Having it installed in your space should be considered very well before purchasing this type of AC. There are certain conditions that should be considered for it to fit well in your space. Split systems may be inappropriate for apartments with multiple floors due to its two-part system. Another thing that limits having this installed is its tubing connections can only be at a certain length apart.

How to Clean Split Aircons

  1. Check the Surroundings of the Units
    Aside from keeping debris and dirt away from the indoor and outdoor units, we make sure that there are no objects obstructing the cooling system. There must be no objects from four feet surrounding its space in all directions. Clearing the space will give ventilation from the exhaust that needs to be released from the system.
  2. Remove and Clean the Filters
    Clogged and dirty filters can greatly decrease the cooling efficiency of your AC. In order to clean them, they are carefully removed from the inside of the unit and wiped with clean and dry cloth. This is recommended to be done every four to six weeks for best results. If they are visibly damaged, it should be replaced right away.
  3. Clean the coils and condenser
    Outdoor spaces can be a source of dirt for the outdoor unit and having it cleaned regularly is greatly recommended. If it is left unclean for a very long time, this could damage the system entirely. Before cleaning it, make sure that the power is turned off. This can be easily cleaned by using a garden hose in removing debris around the unit surface. An alignment comb is the used to fix bent coils.
  4. Clean the Pipes
    Pipes connecting the indoor and outdoor unit play a crucial role in generating the cool air in the system. This should be regularly checked in terms of its cleanliness where molds and dirt is expected to accumulate inside. The pipes can also be a source of leak so having it checked is recommended to prevent inefficiency in the cooling system.

Three Reasons Why You Should Let Us
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Keeping Up with New Innovations

Our company never stops at any cost in order to improve our service with the evolving ways of technology and innovation. We make it a point that we are able to adapt to that change and keep our services updated. Acquiring the top of the line technology and upgrading them constantly is a priority for us to continually or even top the services that we offer presently and in the future.

We listen to our customer’s concerns

Keeping our customers satisfied with our services is very important and to make sure that we are able to do that listening to their feedback and concerns is very important. May it be good or bad comments regarding our aircon services, we welcome them with an open ear. This will enable us to improve our services that we may be lacking. It is a fact that no two clients are ever the same and learning from different people is an advantage.

A functional AC equals productivity

It is always a hassle having a non-functional air conditioning system. Another inconvenient situation would be having a functional but dirty AC. This could disrupt work and productivity which we as a company genuinely understand. We also don’t want that to happen with our own workplace that is why we totally sympathize with our own clients. It is our goal to have a clean and functional air cooling system in every household and workplace..

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