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Smelly Aircons

It is always a joy coming into your space every day with a clean and cool air inside your homes. But what happens when you are greeted with a foul smell coming from your cooling system? There are several factors that will affect the performance of your air conditioning system. It will also depend on the environment and location where it will be installed and how it can affect the unit in long term usage. Haze problems, dust, dirt can contribute to the proliferation of molds and bacteria inside the system.
This will eventually manifest in the air that is being produced by the AC. A foul smell will be observed when there is already too much contaminant clogging the compartments of the system. This doesn’t just affect the amount of comfort the user experiences but also concerns the health of those that will inhale the harmful contaminants.
This problem is very common to places where smoke and pollution is very common. We can settle this easily with simple measures of cleaning and maintenance by licensed AC technicians to thoroughly clean every nooks and spaces of the unit. If this is left unsolved, not only will the health of the people will be affected but will lead to serious damage of the AC.

Checking for Signs of Smelly Aircons

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