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Aircon Problem: Refrigerant Leak

Before analyzing the real causes of a refrigerant leak and how we can solve and prevent the problem, it is important to understand how a refrigerant functions. What is a Refrigerant and how does it function in the cooling process of the AC? Does a leak in the system cause a shift in the cooling process?

During the process of air cooling, this chemical changes from a liquid to a gas state that releases heat. This initially moves from the condenser coil where it is incorporated with a high temperature gas that results to condensation. This gas formation of the refrigerant then goes through an expansion device that changes the gas into liquid state. This process inside happens in vice versa without depleting the volume of refrigerant.

By no means does the “charge” of the refrigerant change not unless a leak from the system where it passes through is formed. This needs to be repaired right away or else it will continue to seep through the cracks and damage the compressor. This will also eventually endanger the cooling power losing the AC’s cooling power. Understanding how the process works will help people understand the importance of regular maintenance by both the end-user and professional AC technicians. This will not only assure daily operation but also help reduce the risk of damaging the cooling system.

Checking for Signs of a Refrigerant Leak

Solutions to a Refrigerant Leak

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