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Neighborhood Overview

Queenstown is a 22 sq km housing estate with approximately 130,000 residents. Its name was derived after Queen Elizabeth during her coronation in 1953. Before the world war, this town was highly rural with livestock and vegetable farming as people’s primary form of living. There used to be British military that settled in the area until 1953 when urbanization began in Queenstown. This was then transformed and used as a test bed for the construction of public housings in Singapore.
This is where Singapore’s very first Satellite was ever launched. With over 13 sub-zones, expect a mixture of different estates most especially in Ghim Moh and Commonwealth.

Common Types of Aircons in Queenstown

Key Attractions

Driving Directions

Queenstown is a highly urbanized area and the roads going through this town has greatly improved over the years. First, head south to Buona Vista Flyover and driving towards the South Buona Vista Rd. Get pass through AYE and into Juong Road. Exit through the Clementi Ave 6 and head towards the exit in Jin Lempeng. Continue towards Clementi Ave 6 to reach its central area of Queenstown.

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