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Aircon Problem: Not Blowing Cold Air

There are a variety of air cooling system problems we all commonly encounter. One of these problems is AC units that no longer efficiently fills in cool air in the entire room or perhaps is already blowing in lukewarm or hot air. This is an apparent problem that needs to be fixed as this no longer serves its main purpose and that is to provide cold air. There are several ways to be able to fix this problem and cool your space properly. Tackling this issue will require two different approaches in order to solve it. Some ways may be easy and can be handled by you but there are some instructions that on too complex to understand that needs the expertise of an AC technician.

Most of the common causes of the air cooling system’s failure to produce cool air is due to dirty air filter, thermostat setting problems, and accumulation of dirt in the external part of the unit. On the other hand, too technical problems may arise like a faulty condenser fan motor, leaking refrigerant or an overall bad compressor that needs fixing or replacement. If you are able to assess the problem and evaluate that the problem is too complicated to solve by yourself then having a professional do it is better to avoid incurring further problems in the unit.

Checking for Signs of an Aircon that is not Cold

Solutions to an Aircon that is not Cold

Other Problems: Aircon Drain Clogged

Other Solutions: Aircon Chemical Overhaul

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