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Company History

Mitsubishi Electric has been present in the market since 1921. Coming a long way from where they are right now, Mitsubishi began from its humble beginning of selling electric fans. From that point on, the development and success of Mitsubishi never ceased. Around 1950, Mitsubishi began producing computer-operated machineries and this is when they also began manufacturing advanced air conditioning systems along with innovations on the field of automobile electronics. This was also the time when car manufacturers began experimenting with the installation of air conditioning units which can be accessible to the user through the car dashboard. Up to this day, Mitsubishi continues to release air conditioning units and systems that never fails to surpass the standards of most users. They are known for the lengthy life of their AC units’ motor plus the affordability of a majority of their air conditioners.

3 Most Popular Mitsubishi Aircons

How to Service Mitsubishi Aircons

  1. Open the Cover
    Cassette type AC units are opened by pushing on the lower part of the inlet grille. For a wall mount AC unit, simply push both handles of the grille down to bust open the cover. Floor type AC units, on the other hand, simply needs to have its lid pulled upwards to open.
  2. Remove the Air Filter
    The air filter is the part that becomes the dirty the most and it is for this exact reason that we want to remove it when cleaning your AC unit. Simply push both sides of the a cassette type AC unit to take the filter out. For a window type AC unit, get the cover open and push down on the middle of the tab to get the filter out. It may take some time to get it, but enough practice will often do the trick.
  3. Wash the Air Filter
    The top priority in cleaning an air filter is to investigate how bad the problem first is. To do this, simply do a visual check on the filter and see how much dirt have accumulated over time. If the case is pretty bad, simply use mild detergent and water to clean it up. If the filter isn’t that filthy yet, a brush will do the job. It is important to find a well-ventilated place where you can perform this filter cleaning on because unwanted particles can get inside your system.
  4. Replace the Air Filter
    To connect back the filter, always remember that you have to be extremely familiar with how your specific AC unit operates. Based on our experience, some AC units’ air filter can get easily re-attached just by putting it back through the side of the unit. However, there are specific types of AC units like a floor-standing one which would require you to carefully insert each filter back in proper order and symmetry.

3 Reasons to hire Oasis Aircon for servicing your Mitsubishi Aircon

  1. Oasis can relate to how a bad AC unit feels like
    We at Oasis are also users of air conditioning units and we can notice when the air conditioning system is starting to get pretty bad already. We hate this feeling and we know you do too. This is why we have followed our calling, up to this day, of providing exquisite and high-quality air conditioning services to each and everyone out there.
  2. We personally love what we do
    One thing we always look for in hiring our technicians and experts is the innate passion of serving the air conditioning industry and this has been prominent with all of our current workers. This gives us the confidence to guarantee you that each service you avail from us will be an experience unlike any before. We were simply born for this!
  3. There’s nothing like clean and functional AC
    It is a fact that our air conditioning units are still considered machines that will deteriorate throughout the years. In order to lengthen that time and maximize what we paid for, proper maintenance should be done to achieve that. Oasis Services shares the same value of how important regular maintenance is for AC units. Our knowledge of the technicalities will determine the viability of your AC unit and we are here to lengthen that.
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