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Company History

LG Electronics Inc. was formerly named as Goldstar in the year 1958. The fulfillment of this company was made after the Korean War to help rebuild and provide Korea with quality home appliances and electronics. Today, this Korean company employs as many as 82,000 people in 119 locations worldwide. The electronics company caters to four business areas: Home Appliance & Air Solution, Automotive Parts, Home Entertainment and Mobile Communications.

LG’s Air conditioning Company maintains its lead as a sales leader in the world since the year 2000. Pairing both state-of-the-art technology and world-class design, LG Aircon continues to provide both qualities incomparable to many. They provide lustrous inverter split systems and window type units that can help you and your family cool out on hot seasons. With LG’s unending passion for innovation, they set sky as the limit to that principle. Among the other leading multinational electronics company in the world, LG Electronics Inc. continues to supply the world with cutting-edge technology.

3 Most Popular LG Aircons

How to Service LG Aircons

  1. Open the Cover
    First, make sure the unit is turned off and unplugged to prevent electrocution during the process. Take note that there are some internal parts at the edges behind the filter that are sharp so care should be observed when touching these areas. There are locking and unlocking facility in front of a window-type AC. Locate the unlocking facility at the front portion of the grille and open it with both hands. It can be opened by pulling the grille in an upward manner, then hold the front grille up with one hand. In a Split AC, the locking and unlocking facility can be found on the either ends. You can open it using both hands clicking on the sides together and pulling it upwards.
  2. Remove the Air Filter
    With one hand holding the front grille up, use your other hand to grab the filter from the inside. Take the filter by grabbing a tab at the center and pulling it away from its locking area position.  Both the Window and Split AC have positioned brails but only differ in its structure. The Split AC filter can be removed by detaching it from the brails and sliding it down.
  3. Wash the Air Filter
    Once the air filter is removed, you can now clean the dirt clinging into the filter. Using a soft brush and placing it against running lukewarm water, brush the areas with visible dirt particles. You can also use to rinse the filter using mild detergent to remove dirt that is hard to remove. After washing, allow the filter to dry under a shaded place. Cleaning the filter will improve the cooling efficiency of the AC and prevent accumulation of mold and bacteria inside the AC.
  4. Replace the Air Filter
    In a window-type AC, the filter is returned by opening the front grille using one hand and returning the filter to its original position at its locking area position. Make sure all sides of the filter are fitted into the brails of its locking area. After the filter is inserted back, close the front grille by pushing it down and making sure the locking area is tightly clamped close. In Split type AC you can insert it on the brails from its original position and closing the front grille by securely closing either sides of its locking feature.

3 Reasons to hire Oasis Aircon for servicing your LG Aircon

  1. World class service for a World-Class Brand
    To say that our service is the best out there is an understatement. Oasis service can compare to the premium brand that LG has established all throughout the years. We have reached this peak of success not just by marketing alone but with the proven and trusted service that we provide to the countless customers we’ve had in the past and the present. That paved the way for us to entrust people with the brand to what Oasis is now.
  2. Oasis gives value to its customers
    Just as we give importance to our work, the same treatment is given to the people that we work with. A close partnership is what we aim to establish and not just a two-way customer and service provider relationship. Going beyond that can entail trust and continued partnership all throughout the years. A healthier partnership that goes beyond money and service is a principle that we envision to every clientele that we encounter.
  3. Productivity and Comfort anywhere
    Air conditioning was primarily invented to provide comfort and improve the productivity of workers everywhere. And to uphold that very principle from the start, we cater an indispensible quality AC service for the people. As much as we believe in that idea as we also employ workers ourselves, an effective and clean workplace must be maintained to achieve that ultimate work productivity.
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