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Inverter Aircons

Technology has greatly helped in the evolution of modern innovation and air conditioning systems are not an exemption. The Inverter technology in AC has become a popular addition to the system that has helped improve its operation. Providing ease and comfort to its users is one thing and another would be energy efficiency and electricity savings. What differs this from the usual AC operation is the mechanism of compressor wherein it automatically switches on or off when the thermostat achieves the temperature.

Pros and Cons of an Inverter Aircon


  1. Environmental Friendly
    The Inverter type AC employs a refrigerant called the R410a in which is said to only contain HFC in comparison with the usual R22 that contains HCFC. R22 emits more chlorine substance in the atmosphere that further destroys the ozone layer. Maybe one of the reasons why it is still widely used is because of its cheaper price.
  2. Ease and Comfortable
    The mechanism of operation in the internal system of Inverters has created a more convenient experience for people. The compressor is built to run at full speed in its initial startup to give an instant cooling action in the entire room. The compressor then automatically adjusts right after the temperature has been achieved. This kind of operation regulates very well according to the comfort of people’s preference.
  3. Energy Efficient
    The energy efficiency of an AC is one of the features that most consumers consider before buying an air cooling system. It is apparent that Inverter AC are more costly compared to other types available in the market. But what people do not realize is the savings that they will get in the long run. This technology uses less energy like the cassette aircon in comparison to the regular non-inverters.


  1. More Expensive
    Inverter AC does not come cheap in comparison to the traditional air cooling system. Although this can be an advantage in the long run, initially purchasing it will be a stretch in the budget. Another thing to be considered is also the repairing process in case it gets destroyed over-time. Due to its multiple parts, this can be an costly to repair including a licensed technician to fix the unit.
  2. Constant Servicing
    Due to the complexity of this type of AC, several things should be considered when purchasing it. One of the expected responsibilities of having an Inverter AC is having it regularly checked by professionals. Constant servicing and maintenance is done to avoid breaking down certain parts and eventually overhauling the system which is very costly.
  3. Few Technicians for Servicing
    There will come a time that these AC units will deteriorate for some time and will constantly need servicing. Specialist for Inverter AC are still, until today, hard to find. Due to its newer concept of technology, most technicians have not been trained to repair and maintain Inverter AC. This would mean slower transaction for repair and possibly at a costlier price.

How to Clean Inverter Aircons

  1. Clean the Units
    Locations where dust and dirt easily builds up can gather in the AC units easily that should be prevented. The Dust will affect the inflow of air in the condenser causing it to work harder to get the indoor air inside. This will result to an increase in consumption of electricity which eventually affects its energy efficiency.
  2. Check the refrigerant and clean the condenser
    The effectivity of the cooling power of an AC relies on its refrigerant and condenser that is why periodic checking and cleaning is essential. If the refrigerant is damaged or needs to be changed, recommendation is done by us for continuous operation. We make sure that the air condition setting is right and that the vent is properly closed.
  3. Assessment of Space
    The set-up of the room may differ from the time we set-up the AC system to how it is a few months or years after. There are some homeowners who sometimes disregard or forget simple guidelines for the AC. Insulation is very important for the units in all directions and that is why checking for obstruction is one of the points we check. Electric appliance, computers, tv may affect the thermostat that can lead to falsely overworking the AC system.
  4. Cleaning the Air Filters
    One of the basic things that we do as maintenance for AC systems most especially Inverters is making sure that the filters internally is not clogged with dust and dirt. These impurities will affect the efficiency of the air cooling system which will eventually degrade its power. It is one by removing them from the front panel and using a vacuum or washing it with mild detergent and water to remove the dirt.

Three Reasons Why You Should Let Us
Service Your Inverter Aircon For You

Cost and Time Efficient

It is a great disadvantage having inverter aircons in the property since it is expensive and difficult to repair. But with our technicians, expect that we will give you the optimal and fastest service with a reasonable price to all your AC issues. Not just that, leave all the work to our technicians and break away from having to do all the repairing and checking all by yourself to save yourself some time.

Post-Service Maintenance

Customers are always satisfied with the current service we employ, but we want to go beyond the limits in all possible areas. We want our clients to have post services benefits, and that this is ideal since air conditioning systems need constant maintenance and checking. Continuous follow ups and communication with our clients is also our priority to assure quality and effective service.

Reliability and Dependability

It is our aim to produce the best technicians in the industry to cater all kinds of aircon servicing issues. Professional experience and knowledge are always passed down from our pioneer employees to newer ones to ensure that reliability, credibility and dependability are maintained. We make sure that our clients will be satisfied with our service, and that we deliver beyond the expectations, which in turn gives us an advantage over our competitors.

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