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Aircon Problem: Gas Leaks

Is your AC system not cooling your space like it used to? If this is the case then having your unit checked should be done right away. We at Oasis Aircon Servicing think that there are mainly two parts that should be checked for functionality. The two compartments in the system that is responsible for the cooling process is the compressor and coolant. The two parts works hand in hand in bringing out the cool air from the vent of the unit. Anything that happens with these parts will greatly affect the running of the equipment. The root cause should first be identified to create a more precise way of taking action.

The refrigerant inside the AC unit works in two different states: liquid and gas. This works the same was as what refrigerant is in liquid state, the gas helps in the cooling process of the AC system. It should be carefully identified between which of the state is leaking as this would determine which part of the system should be fixed. Once it has already been determined, refilling the coolant will not solve the problem, and would incur more expenses. It should be noted that the leak where the gas is coming from should be patched to avoid further system leaking, and so topping up gas to your unit can be done properly.

Checking for Signs of a Aircon Gas Leak

Solutions to a Aircon Gas Leak

Other Problems: Smelly Aircon

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