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Diagnosing Your Filter Problem - 3 Things to Look Out For

Reduced Engine Power

Most internal parts pose a sign whenever there are things that causes filter disruption. The AC blower motor is considered the engine that works to produce air flow, if the filter is clogged, then the engine works harder than it usually does. Aside from overworking the blower motor internally, it will also affect the engine in general due to its false signal of higher electricity demand. The clog that is causing the disruption of the AC eventually reduces the power usually when it is turned ON.

Reduced Air Flow

One of the signs that the AC filter is faltering and is in need of repair or replacement is the reduction of airflow. External effects of this result to lesser cool air being put out from the AC system through its vents. Damaged or clogged filters causes less airway passage through the system that will require more energy than usual. This problem causes the air conditioning system to work inefficiently.

Buildup of Dust and Allergens

The filter literally functions as a sieve to filter out impurities that is produced from the air flow. You can point out that the AC filter is not functioning well when dust and maybe allergens enters the cabin, given that someone is allergic. Checking the grids of the filter and seeing torn portions of the material can cause unfiltered air to pass through the cabin.

3 Quick and Easy Methods to Take Care of the Filter Problem Temporarily

Keep your Indoor Surroundings Clean

When the filter inefficiently filters out the air flow, one of the things that people can do to reduce the clogging is to maintain a clean space (check also aircon coil servicing). Make it a point to regularly sweep the floor and do dusting while the AC is turned off. This will help reduce the work of the filters that may enter the system when producing air flow. Tidying up your area can help prevent recirculating around the room that may be very harmful to the health.

Regularly Check and Clean the Filters

The common problem of filter inefficiency is caused by its physical properties. It may be torn out or severely clogged. Due to its inefficiency in filtering out dust, this will cause buildup of dirt from the grids of the filter, then regularly cleaning it is recommended. If immediate replacement of filters that is already been torn out for some reason, then having it cleaned regularly should be sufficient enough to prevent it from further damage.

Make Sure its Cleaned and Installed Properly

As everybody would know, air filters in AC are removable for an easier access of cleaning it. Most people neglect reading the user manual on the proper way of cleaning the filters. Usual instructions would require the use of a vacuum when there are little visible dusts seen. Also, using of mild detergent and mild temperature water is used to clear out hardened dirt in the filter. Other people may have used hot water or corrosive chemicals that may have destroyed the filter material. Carefully reading the user manual is advised to maintain the quality of filters over time. In using chemicals, however, we recommend to hire a professional chemical overhaul service.

We've also collected some of the benefits of cleaning your aircon filter in this article.

3 Reasons to Seek for Professional Help

We are more knowledgeable

To seek the expertise of the professionals for the repair or maintenance of your AC system will mean considering the well-being of the entire system. An initial reaction would come from the end-user but the reassurance and confirmation of the problem would be properly detected by the professionals. Managing the problem all by yourself may lead to further problems that may affect your AC unit. They would be there to efficiently assess the problem and provide resolutions.

Highly Skilled and Can Work Fast

Depending on the condition of the AC that needs to be repaired, the amount of time doing it will also rely on the skills of the one doing the job. Professionals have developed that speed of work that they can efficiently repair the filters or detect the problem right away. Doing it by yourself or someone who is not an expert may be time consuming and may not even solve the problem entirely. Why bother waste precious time when you can have someone efficiently solve the problem for you.


Another advantage of hiring a professional to do the repair of your air conditioning system is the assurance of the repair when things go wrong. If insurance is placed in the repair then the contractor and the service company can remedy whatever takes place after the service. Putting this responsibility on your hands can possibly lead to electrocution, fire, or damaging the parts that were not damaged in the first place.

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