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Diagnosing Your Fan Problem - 3 Things to Look Out For

Motor is Too Loud

As soon as you hear loud noises coming from the fan motor, this can be a sign that something loose is obstructing the motor which causes it to make noise. When you notice that the fan si running louder than normal, listen carefully where the noise is coming from and carefully observe what could be the cause of the loud noises that may block the air flow or prevents the motor from working properly.

Motor Shuts Off

If the air conditioner fan motor automatically shuts off during the beginning or middle of its operation, it is a must that you replace the fan motor as soon as possible. Automatic shut off must be due to some electrical circuit problems which causes it to fail during operation. If not remedied and serviced right away, it could get worse over time and may cause further damage to the unit. Repairing the unit can be a temporary fix but you replacing of the fan motor is still a must to ensure that it does not keep on breaking down.

Not Circulating Air

The aircon fan’s function is to circulate air making the entire room cool. So when you notice that the room is not getting any colder after turning on your aircon units even at full blast, it is possible that the air conditioner fan motor is no longer able to work properly to operate the fan and circulate the air. In these cases, replacing the air conditioner fan with a newer fan will increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and restore its proper function.

3 Quick and Easy Methods to Take Care of the Fan Problem Temporarily

Locate and Tighten Loose Screws

When your aircon unit sounds louder than normal, open the cover to the air conditioner to get a better view of what is going on. Look for any loose screws and when you have located them, tighten the screws to eliminate the loud noise coming from the inside of the air conditioner. Also, one of the reasons for the loud noise is if there are things stuck in between the motor fans. You just need to open the cover and remove what is stuck inside.

Inspect Fan Motor Capacitor

Some window air conditioners use a run capacitor to create a rotating magnetic field in the fan motor circuit. If the motor is slow or creates unnecessary noise, then the capacitor may be defective and can damage the whole unit. Verify this by checking if there are any burnt or broken wiring. If it does not show any visible defects, you will need to seek for professional help.

Check and Clean Out Fan Blades

Depending on how old your air conditioner unit is, repairing of the air conditioning unit is still possible. One of the common reasons why aircon fans do not properly circulate air is that the fan blades have accumulated too much dirt and grime, or the fan motor is already very rusty. To temporarily remedy this situation, you can clean out the fan blades or put rust-removal solution on the fan motor for it to work properly. See also aircon filter servicing or chemical overhaul.

3 Reasons to Seek for Professional Help

Proper Diagnostics and Quicker Solutions

Homeowners sometimes, wanting to save money would resort to repairing their air condition units by themselves. But by doing so, can cost them so much time and effort. By the time an untrained person have diagnosed and identify the problem, a trained technician could have already begun the repairs and replacements. Professional HVAC providers have worked on many machines that they can easily identify any problem with the unit and can easily determine what the issue is and which parts are needed to be replaced.

Having Reliable Results

Having a trained HVAC provider service your air condition units assures you that it is done well. There is no better satisfaction than having a professional technician help you repair your appliances and systems. No matter how complex and difficult these issues may seem, getting the technical expertise is the way to go. And when you rely on this expertise, rest assured that you will be able to feel the result for yourself.

Saves Several Hours

DIY jobs may seem exciting, fun and cheap, but the time you invest to do all the checking, investigation and repairing is too high. However by seeking professional help, you can save yourself several hours or even days of free time for other important stuff. Leave this work to the experts - leave it to Oasis!

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