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Aircon Drain Clogged

Most homeowners who have an air conditioning system in their homes would have noticed liquid pouring out of their AC unit. This is called the AC drain line which functions to literally drain the accumulated condensation from inside the system to the outside of the AC. This is part of the condensate system which comes after the evaporator coils and drain pan in collecting the moisture.
A clogged drain can be a major problem of the AC system as this would cause an overflow of water from inside of the system that could damage the unit. Dealing with the messy inverse drainage of water becomes a problem to deal with aside from fixing the damaged AC system. A small amount of stagnant moisture inside the system could also mean proliferation of molds and bacterial growth that will possibly affect one’s health.
There are a lot of ways in order to avoid a clogged condensate drain - even the end-user can do it. It is also recommended to have the system checked once in a while by a certified AC technician to efficiently evaluate the cleanliness and functionality of the draining system. Having the problem prevented from occurring is always better than having more problems from the AC system.

Checking for Signs of a Clogged Aircon Drain

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