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Company History

Daikin was founded by Akira Yamada from Japan in the year 1924. It was formerly known as Osaka Kinzoku Kogyosho which eventually was renamed as the current Daikin Industries Ltd.

Japan’s very first “Mifujirator” technology using fluorocarbon gas was created for the intention of usage for the Japanese Navy. This lead to Japan’s very first packaged air conditioners in 1951.  Since then the innovation has rapidly developed and several products were created by Daikin that has helped evolved modern air conditioning systems. Over the years Daikin become one of the front-runners of Air condition technology and is considered to be one of the best multinational air conditioning manufacturer in the world.

3 Most Popular Daikin Aircons

How to Service Daikin Aircons

  1. Open the Cover
    Locate the two tabs on either side then simply lift it and slide it into the lock position. Once it is fully pushed up it will lock in to position preventing it from closing back. This will expose the filters in the inner portion of the AC.
  2. Remove the Air Filter
    Once the filters are visibly exposed, pull it from its slides to remove. For split type air conditioners, put your fingers in between the two tabs and by pulling it will just slide out of its position. Usually for split-type AC they have two sets of filters so make sure both are individually removed carefully.
  3. Wash the Air Filter
    A vacuum can be used if the filter has only little visible dirt and dust. First, gently tap the filter to remove some dirt and then use the vacuum to suck out the dust that is hard to remove. If the unit has not been cleaned for a longer time and there are visible dirt clogging in the filter washing it with slightly warm water in the sink is necessary. Make sure to fully dry it with a clean towel after washing or you can dry it in a shady place. Cleaning is recommended once every two weeks for all Carrier AC.
  4. Replace the Air Filter
    You can return the cleaned filters to its slot by carefully sliding it back into the position and clipping it in. Close the flap down and you will hear a “click” sound to properly seal the AC. For split type filters you will notice four tabs on the front side and this should be should be the side facing you when putting it back into the unit. From there you can restart the heat pump and finished cleaning it.

3 Reasons to hire Oasis Aircon for servicing your Daikin Aircon

  1. We go the extra mile of service
    Just as how Daikin Technology has stepped up in their innovation, so did our service throughout the years. The satisfaction of customers is a priority of Oasis as this would result to a happy and in debt relationship. We think of a long-term relationship between us and the customers that we provide service to. We do not just stop after the service has been served, we provide continuous query on the provision rendered.
  2. Oasis knows every customers needs
    Customers differ in personalization and Oasis caters to those different kinds of needs. The service adjusts according to the necessity that is required from us and we get it from our good interaction with them. Proper communication between the inquiry of customers and our utmost desire to listen is an effective tool that Oasis possesses.
  3. We respond Quickly and efficiently
    One of the biggest qualities that Oasis maintains is the speed of service that we offer. The time of our costumer is a top priority may it be time sensitive or not. We value the time and operation of our service just as our customer’s business operation. A down-time in any air conditioning can be aggravating and could affect the productivity of a person in a workplace or the comfort at home. At Oasis we provide quick solution to every inquiry our customer needs.
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