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Issues with Aircon Condenser

Central and Split Type Air Condition are those air cooling system which have a two set of units, one is placed inside the room and one outdoors. The outdoor unit is commonly known to be the condenser unit. This other part of the system includes the compressor, coil and blower fan. These parts play a very crucial role in the cooling process; therefore any damage inside the condenser system will result to failure in the entire system. Another problem aside its cooling process is the energy efficiency that will lead to a dramatic increase in your electricity bill.
There are a lot of reasons why problem arises from the air conditioner’s condenser. One reason would be the unstable power supply inside the system. The motor inside should be regularly checked of the wirings have become faulty over time or the inability of some parts to no longer work like they used to like the fan and compressor. Electrical failures will cause an energy fluctuation that will be deficient for the outside unit to work properly. Another impractical cause for the compressor to fail are the possibility of dirt and debris that may get stuck inside the condenser unit. Leaves, grass, dust and other contaminants are very prone to get stuck inside the outdoor unit and will affect the normal functionality of the compressor.

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