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Diagnosing Your Condenser Problem - 3 Things to Look Out For

Check the Power Supply

Condenser problems are caused by several number of reasons and one of the most common problem is the power supply. Once you suspect that your condenser is becoming faulty, the first thing you must do is to check if there are any problem with the power supply of the motors inside the condenser. Some of the common problems with power supply are the wiring inside the motors, or there are problems with the electrical relays or its capacitors. When this happens, it is best to call an expert technician to do the job for you.

There is a Leak in the Coolant

The condenser plays an important role for your air conditioner. It works by circulating coolant through the coils and the compressor will make the heat evaporate. The compressor and condenser are connected by pipes where the cool air flows through and it helps carry out heat. With this being said, leakage in these pipes will affect the performance of the entire air conditioning system. Leakage in your condenser coils and pipes is very common and must be serviced by professionals right away.

Things Stuck inside the Condensers

Another common problem for your air conditioning condensers are the dirt and dust particles or other stuff stuck inside the unit. Because the condensers are located outside your house, it is most likely to collect and accumulate dirt over time. Not only that, since it is outside, fallen leaves, sticks and stones can also get stuck inside the condenser unit which affects the normal functioning of the unit. Make sure that this is checked often to avoid further damaging the unit.

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3 Quick and Easy Methods to Take Care of the Condenser Problem Temporarily

Call Professional Help Immediately

When it comes to damaged wires and power supply problems, it is not advisable to repair the unit yourself especially that this is electricity matters you are dealing with. It is always best to call experts and professional personnel to do the job to ensure not to further damage the unit. The best thing to do after calling for professional servicing personnel to fix the AC unit, is to turn off the unit and remove the plug and wait for the professional help to come.

Put Temporary Sealants on Leaking Pipes

As soon as you notice a difference in the cooling performance of your AC unit, remember to check for any leakage on pipes. Once you have located the leaks, put temporary sealants on it to improve the cooling performance of your airconditioner. However, even though you have already placed temporary sealants, it is still always best to call for professional help so that he unit can be fixed and to know if the damaged pipes need to be replaced.

Remove the Things Stuck Inside the Condensers

It is important to consider the location when installing your outdoor air conditioning units. You must make sure that the surrounding areas of the unit is clean so that no outside object can go inside the condenser unit and gets stuck inside it. However, if this does happen, immediately remove the any object stuck as well as clean the accumulated dust and dirt inside the aircon units. This is to make sure that the room will be filled with cool and clean air.

3 Reasons to Seek for Professional Help

Job is Done Right the First Time

For busy working people, getting your airconditioner units fixed over and over again can be a very hassle thing. It takes too much time and effort that is why it is important that you get professional help to service your aircon units. This way, it assures you that your aircon units are fixed the first time and won’t have to go through the hassle of having it serviced again after just a few weeks or days.

Saves you Money

Trying to fix your aircondition units on your own is not a very good and wise idea. This is because instead of fixing the unit, you might end up damaging it even more. This would result in you buying another unit which can cost you a whole lot more. That is why as soon as you notice any problem with your airconditioner, it is important to call for professional help right away rather than try to fix it yourself.

For your Safety

Repairing your air conditioning units can be dangerous because it has small sharp metallic pieces, fan blades and electric parts. If you are not properly trained to perform repair services, you can cut or electrocute yourself in the process, or worst, it can result to fire. Our Oasis professional technicians are trained and equipped with safety measures to prevent accidents from happening. They are also well trained when it comes to knowing the function of each part and which are dangerous or not.

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