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Issues with Aircon Compressor

Before diagnosing the problem, it is very important to know the very function of what a compressor does in the system process. This part of the air cooling system is considered to be the heart of the cooling process. Basically, it squeezes the refrigerant which increases the temperature that eventually escapes the compressor compartment as a high pressure gas. The compressor then introduces the hot gas into the outdoor unit, which in return causes it to blow cool air outside through the coil fins. Any disruption from this process will really manifest problems in the cooling output of the air condition system.
Understanding its function shows us the very vital role of the compressor in the cooling process, so without it functioning well, no cool air is produced. Whenever air conditioners experience trouble in its cooling process, one of the very first suspected causes by technicians to be inspected is the compressor. A lot of problems actually stem from the problems coming from compressors. The complexity of the problems relating to the compressor is difficult to fix if you are not a trained HVAC technician like the ones we have at Oasis.

So if you are certain that the compressor is really the problem, then calling a trained professional for aircon services is very important.

Checking for Signs of an Aircon Compressor Issue

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Solutions to Aircon Compressor Problems

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