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Diagnosing Your Coil Problem - 3 Things to Look Out For

Visible Dirt and Ice Frosting

By simply visually inspecting the coil fins already singles out a problem that may be causing the AC function. Dirt or ice that has accumulated in the evaporator coil can impede the air conditioning and heat pump of the AC. This also greatly blocks the air flow coming from the dirty cooling coil. It is important to inspect the appearance of the cooling coil from the side from the incoming-air side that is fronting the blower fan; this is usually where the dirt enters from the coil.

Damaged Coil Fins

Sufficient damage to the coil fins can greatly affect the cooling system most particularly to the airflow. This blocks the airflow in the process that decreases cooling efficiency eventually. Extensive damage to the coils should be replaced. Small damage can be remedied by using a cooling coil comb to straighten areas of the damage cooling fins. Doing so also substantially cleans the coil fins, removing any debris hanging.

Evaporator Coil Leaking

This sign can be very hard to detect which is why having a professional inspect your AC is very important. There are a lot of reasons why evaporator coils cause leaking and depends on which part of the refrigerant leaking is from. This problem may result to losing the refrigerant and thereby resulting to the disruption of the cooling system, losing its cooling output.

3 Quick and Easy Methods to Take Care of the Coil Problem Temporarily

Thaw Frozen Condenser Coils

Frozen coils can lose the cooling ability of the AC unit and that is why inspecting for frosting is very important. The first thing to do is to allow the coils to thaw which could take around 24 hrs to completely melt the ice. After restoring power to the unit, the fan inside will further melt the ice remaining on the coils. Another way of thawing the condenser coils is by using a regular dryer that is set in low heat to speed the process.

Remedy a Coil Leak

One of the signs of leaking coming from the coil and refrigerant is the reduction of the cooling efficiency of the AC unit. One of the temporary resolutions to leaking when it is properly identified is using a temporary bandage to seal the holes where the source of the leaks comes from (see more leaking problems from aircon drain servicing). While this solution is temporary, this would help prevent further damage when waiting for professional assistance takes time. This will still prevent the refrigerant from escaping through the holes and will prevent overworking your system’s cooling engine.

Clean Clogged Condenser Coils

A sign that is pointing to a clogged condenser coil is an overheating compressor that will eventually cause it to shut down. This process starts with intermittent to experiencing low cooling power. One of the temporary solutions is by cleaning them. Make sure that the power is turned off before attempting to clean the coils to prevent electrocution. If issue still occurs, then you might want to look for a chemical overhaul to clean the coil using proper chemicals. If this does not remedy the problem then there is already a need to replace the condenser coils.

3 Reasons to Seek for Professional Help

Safety Reasons

Seeking professional help not only helps solve the solution but also protects you from risk that may occur when handling the system unit. Experts follow precautionary measures to identify the problem and use the proper tools in inspecting the unit. By solving the problem yourself will impose a lot of risk that may involve hurting yourself. A possibility would be electrocution or releasing refrigerant I the atmosphere that is harmful for you and the environment.

Worth Your Money

Many would think that having a DIY approach in fixing your air conditioning problems will save you a lot of money but it isn’t the case most of the time. Being inexpert to fixing would mean posing a trial and error in fixing the parts that may not be causing the cooling function. Adding to the costing would be purchasing unnecessary tools that are not needed. Some repairs require special equipment which can only be found in professional commercial service like Oasis provides.. Damaging it further and improperly identifying the problem will exacerbate the problem even more.

Voiding Warranty

This is most applicable to newly purchased air conditioning system that may have factory defects. Putting this in your hands would eventually void the warranty. Many manufacturers base their guarantees on services coming from authorized professional services, that is why seeking professional help is a safer option. Having the warranty intact and observing the conditions will guarantee you of a cost-free repair in the length of time that it is viable.

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