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Central Aircons

Considered to be one of the most powerful cooling system of its kind, central air conditioners incorporate two coils to cool any household. What differs this from other AC system such as the casement window aircon is that it has the capacity to cool an entire home. This also employs a two system function which includes a cooling compressor that is placed outside, separate from its fan unit which blows out the cool air. This is commonly found in big establishments that need a powerful cooling system that can efficiently provide cool air in multiple rooms.

Pros and Cons of a Central Aircon


  1. Consistent Cool Air
    No matter where you are in the world, Centralized air condition system gives you that assurance of a consistent temperature. Most home owners choose this type of AC unit for the reason that it adjusts to any external temperature that it automatically adjusts to. This is the best way to cool your entire home in any given season.
  2. Efficient Clean Filtered Air
    The process of cool air production in this system is transported through ducts that contains filtering action that further cleanses air that is expelled from the indoor cooling unit. This will mean a lot to the quality of air that is being produced, which will contain fewer allergens and inhaling potential hazardous fumes.
  3. Maintaining the Duct System
    The efficiency and level of clean air produced by the duct filters will also mean a close monitoring of dirt build up particularly in the ducts of the system. The ducts are very susceptible to accumulation of molds and dirt that is harmful to people’s health. Due to its complexity, cleaning of the ducts should be done by professional cleaners.


  1. Higher Electricity Bills
    Transitioning between not having air conditioning unit or from having a regular room cooling system, one should expect a dramatic increase in your energy bill. Central Air condition requires more energy than regular air cooling system for the reason that it functions to cool the entire room as opposed to a single space.
  2. Multi-featured System
    One of the factors that is keeping people from purchasing this type of cooling system is due to its hefty price tag. What people do not realize is the feature that two machines can do in one system as with the Centralized Air conditioner. This is most useful for people who are experiencing cold winters during the year and hot summers wherein they can switch the system from cooling to heating.
  3. Ductwork Installation
    Aside from the cost of the two units to be installed, setting this type of cooling system will also require a duct work to connect the outdoor from the indoor unit. This is a major renovation that should be considered carefully before engaging in having this system. It is an investment that needs further planning and an amount of budget.

How to Clean Central Aircons

  1. Clean and Straighten the Fins
    Before doing anything, make sure that all the units are turned off and unplugged from the power supply. Using a garden hose, spray along the fins coming from the inside going outwards. With the use of a fin comb, carefully straighten bent fins to restore deformed ones. Bent and dirty fins can reduce the air-flow through the fins and affect cooling efficiency.
  2. Making sure the Unit is stable
    The condenser unit should be placed in a well-flat surface when it is installed outside. The level is then checked and if we notice that there is an imbalance, a rot-resistant shim is then used. The unit’s condenser will degrade over-time when it is not placed in a leveled-out platform.
  3. Check and Clean the Coil
    Locate the evaporator coil inside the furnace unit and we use a soft brush to dust off dirt and cleanse in with a no-rinse coil cleaner. The drain pan can be cleaned with a mild soap and a little bleach. This will help prevent growth of algae and molds inside the unit.
  4. Change the Blower Filter
    Open the filter closure by carefully unscrewing the latch. This can be found in the indoor furnace inside the filter enclosure where fresh air return duct goes through. Installing a brand new is simply done by removing and inserting new ones in the same direction, where the air-flow arrows on the filter are showing. Close the latch door then turn the power back on.

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Incomparable Service

Oasis is able to reach this peak of success in its service through the continuous quality service that we offer. The reason that people trusts the kind of work and effort that we put through, is enough testament that we are able to deliver. Our quality output has paved the way from people to entrust us with their air conditioning system. We go out and beyond our line of service that gives us an edge to our competitors.

We value our clients

The same amount of work is placed into our own service with the relationship that we build with our customers. They are considered our lifetime partner, to continually give out service that they rightfully deserve. We believe that a healthy relationship with our clients goes beyond money and profits that is one of the guiding principles of our company. One can never go wrong when putting their interests before our own.

We understand the importance of clean and functional AC

Air cooling system has been an integral part of people’s lives most especially in the areas of our work. It was created and developed in the first place to increase work productivity among industrial workers in the past. Just as how we see its effects on our own employees at work, we understand just as how important it is for everybody. Experiencing it beforehand helps us realize to better our work efficiency in our service.

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