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Cassette Aircons

A Cassette unit functions the same with wall mounted slit systems, the difference is that cassettes are positioned on the ceilings as opposed to the wall. This type of air condition unit uses its two to four sides to distribute cool air inside the room. A cassette has two sets of units that functions together to create a cooling system. The indoor unit placed on the ceiling gives out the cool air while its outdoor unit is placed outside of the space, free from obstruction and corrosive substances.

Pros and Cons of a Cassette Aircon


  1. Large Coverage of Cool Air
    The placement of this type of air conditioning unit gives an advantage of its cooling function. It distributes an excellent coverage of cool air all around the room as it is situated above the room, given that it naturally falls in a downward direction. Paired with its efficient and powerful fan internally, it can effortlessly cool a large space.
  2. Quieter Experience
    With its structure and design of an indoor and outdoor unit, this provides a quieter experience around the environment in comparison to other AC types. The functional system which is found mostly in the outdoor system creates most of the unit noise and vibration which isolates it from the indoor unit.
  3. Energy Efficient
    Cassette type AC utilizes the modern technological advancements of air cooling system. This will provide a more efficient experience for users whether its functional purpose as well as its efficiency to save energy resulting to lower monthly expenses on electricity. Features like fan speed and programmable thermostats have greatly improved on Cassette type of ACs.


  1. Difficult Installation
    Similar to split type aircon, installation may be a big labor to deal with and would require a professional to install this kind of air conditioning system. This type of AC functions simultaneously between the indoor and outdoor unit which will require drilling holes in your walls to connect both units. Outdoor units should be placed in a well shaded place away from corrosive chemicals and moisture.
  2. Costly at First
    It is a fact that this air conditioning system requires two units to be able to function. This would also mean purchasing both of them that is considerably more costly in comparison to other air conditioning systems. Though this may sound a disadvantage for most budget conscious consumers but it is said to be more cost efficient in the long run as it is considerably energy efficient.
  3. Infrastructure Compatibility
    One of the factors that gets people discourage from having a cassette type of AC is the necessary alteration of the infrastructure of the room, specifically the ceiling. This becomes a concern for most people as this would require some to secure permits to be able to do so most especially in rented places. This also means a poor portability and tedious process of uninstalling when there Is a need to transfer to a different space.

How to Clean Cassette Aircons

  1. Clean the Outer Unit
    Before sanitizing the external portion of the cassette AC, it is very important to disconnect the power supply before handling any parts. Using a soft and dry cloth, pan through the areas of the unit with visible dirt and dust. This could potentially enter the unit and clog the filter.
  2. Clean the Air Filters
    Open the front grille by unscrewing the front panels to expose the inner portion. The filters can be removed by carefully holding the tab and pulling it towards you to remove the filters. It can be cleaned by using a vacuum or washing them with lukewarm water and neutral detergent. Dry it afterwards, away from direct sunlight.
  3. Clean or Replace the Plasma Filters
    The Plasma filters of Cassette type ACs are located just behind the air filters. This can be accessed by opening the front panel and removing the air filter. This can be cleaned by dipping into water mixed with mild detergent. It is recommended to replace plasma filers every 2 years.
  4. Check for Leaks and Unnecessary Noise
    Condensation results when airflow coming from the AC cools room air that is warm. This can cause leaking and moisture from the unit. There is a difference in noise produced by the air cooling system which may already be disrupting its operation. Normal noise can be brought by Freon flowing inside the unit or compressed air released. Abnormal noises are then remedied by us for further identification of the problem.

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Customer satisfaction has always been an assurance in all the service that we offer. Developing a long and lasting relationship with all our clients has become a priority for us to continually provide service. Having the standard way of doing work has been constant in all of our workers but we make it a point that we go beyond the service in all possible aspects. Continued communication and follow-up of service can give that reassurance of quality service.

Speedy response

Aside from the speed that we place on the work while maintaining quality, we also employ it when we receive queries regarding our service. We believe that having an open communication to all our potential and on-going customers builds a healthy work relationship with each other. Our lines are open and available even after office hours are over. Seeing into it that quick solutions are provided for all our clients for continuous operation.

The needs of our customers come first

Our company completely understands that every client differs in their needs. We try as much as we can to modify the services that we offer to suit the varying conditions of every customer. Coming from a company that has been in the business for quite some time, we already have the idea in handling different situations including the problems that may arise. In order to achieve that, proper communication is very important.

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