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Casement Aircons

This type of air cooling system is considered to be the simplest type of air conditioning system. It is commonly referred to as a room air conditioner or window A/C. Most models have a boxed-type of structure assembled in a single unit containing all the components. Internally, its refrigeration basically includes a double shaft fan motor that is mounted on either side. Similar to portable aircons, this type of AC is designed to cool a regular-sized room without breaking the bank.

Thinking of installing a window casement unit, check these 5 mistakes to avoid first when installing one.

Pros and Cons of a Casement Aircon


  1. Wide Availability
    Due to the popularity of this type of AC in the market, purchasing one would mean less hassle and will give the consumers a more competitive price. Almost all, if not all, brands have their own models uniquely designed that are available in all appliance centres. A wide variety of brand availability results to more choices for the consumers.
  2. Efficient Cooling Power
    With its compact size, most brands available today can efficiently cool a 100-300 sq ft room and larger units up to 650 sq ft. The efficiency of its cooling power can reassure people that the job can be done with its small scale-sized AC. This kind of model is popular to the general population due to its standard of use to most of the consumer market.
  3. Easier Placement
    Another advantage of its compact size is the easier placement of the unit either in windows or spaces made on the walls. Window type AC has that feature of draining out water externally without much needed modifications. It is said that positioning it properly in an area can possibly cool more than one room.


  1. No Window for Frame Support
    No matter how easy installation is for this type of AC, doing so can be a hit or a miss on some factors. One of the considerations is not having a window that can support the frame of the AC, so drilling an opening through a wall is necessary. Its compact size is an advantage but can be a hassle when removing it and transferring it to another room or location.
  2. Aesthetically Unpleasing
    Aesthetically, window AC does not pose to be the best looking installation in any space. Functionality won’t be much of a problem but its appearance is the least appealing in comparison to other AC type. Certain modifications are needed to be able to accommodate a window AC meaning breaking a window panel or a wall space.
  3. More Responsibilities
    Although as basic operation goes through the output of water draining out exteriorly from the unit, it is entirely the user’s responsibility to control this depending on the location. This could result to rusting of metal roof when it is positioned under one or could disrupt city street passersby.

How to Clean Casement Aircons

  1. Inspect and Clean the Air Filters
    One of the most important parts of servicing a window AC is making sure that the air filters are being checked for functionality and cleanliness. This is because the air filters determines the efficiency of the cooling function of the unit. If visible dirt can be seen, it is removed from the system and is cleaned through a vacuum or washing it with mild detergent and clean water.
  2. Locate and clean the AC coils
    The evaporator and condenser coils are one of the most neglected part of maintaining an AC. Regularly checking it will prevent impaired function of the unit, which is usually based on its cleanliness. This can be washed through removing it from the casing for cleaning using a natural cleaner and allowing it to air-dry.
  3. Tending the Coil Fins
    One of the problems that coil fins impose is its vulnerability of bending over-time. This can greatly affect the efficiency of function and that is why resolving this is necessary. This can be done by simply using a fin comb that matches the fin comb’s teeth count to efficiently restore the coil fins into its original form.
  4. Maintaining the Window AC for seasonal use and storage
    Depending on the location of usage, it is important to know that using and storing it on a regularly basis has its proper way of doing it. To those that are using the Window AC on a seasonal basis, it is very important to inspect it before and after each season. One of the most important part of inspection is the seals being intact to prevent leaking of cool air that results to overworking of the AC unit.

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Passion for Work

One of the driving forces that Oasis possesses to continually give quality service to its customers is the innate passion to serve and satisfy them. We believe that work without passion is meaningless and is a principle that we try to instill in all of our customers all throughout their working life in the company. Our mission to give quality service has been fulfilled through that guiding principle that is handed down to all our staff and technical workers.

We employ and train the most skillful technicians

Our quality service is evident from the work output that all of our technicians has shown to all our clients. We make sure that we hire the right people for the job, not just with the well-fit skills but the appropriate attitude and work ethics. Professional experiences and knowledge has been continuously handed down from our pioneering employees to newer ones to ensure that quality of work is standardized and maintained.

Productivity equates from cool and clean air

The vitality of having a clean environment in every workplace is important for every worker no matter what setting it is. Air cooling system, tracing it from its origin, has been developed for the very reason of increasing work productivity. As much as we value our employees, the same way we function in servicing our clients on how important it is to have a clean and functioning air condition may it be at home or in industrial places and work.

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