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Company History

If we try to trace back history as to how and who invented air conditioning, it all points to one person named Willis Carrier in 1902. Together with six other engineers, Carrier formed the Carrier Engineering Corporation and purchased their first factory in Newark, New Jersey. The company was eventually acquired by United Technologies in 1979.

The invention of air cooling was made to develop manufacturing process of a printing plant through controlling its temperature. This invention by Carrier has tremendously improved productivity in workplaces. Today, Carrier is a multi-billion company employing over 43,000 employees that is continuing to serve 170 countries all over the world.

3 Most Popular Carrier Aircons

How to Service Carrier Aircons

  1. Open the Cover
    Locate the return grille and carefully opening it. One must take note not to remove the central clamp and screws. In split-type AC, lift the front panel to an angle until a clicking sound is observed. Suspension bars can be used for some models to keep the front panel from closing.
  2. Remove the Air Filter
    To remove the acrylic-fiber filters, softly grasp the filter and pull it outwards to remove it from its filter holder. Basically all split type AC has the same positioned filters just as you open the front panels. Some Carrier models have a separate Air freshening filter just under the main filter of some AC. This can be removed after the acrylic-fiber filters are taken out.  After it is fully exposed just slide it downwards to remove it from its supporting frame.
  3. Wash the Air Filter
    Clog inside the AC filter reduces the cooling system of Carrier unit. It is advisable to clean the filter using a vacuum cleaner at least once a month. Clean the air filters with lukewarm running water and allow it to thoroughly dry it in a cool place. This should be done once every two weeks to maintain cleanliness and clogging. Do not use strong cleaning solutions to clean the filters as this would cause the plastic portion to deform. The Air Freshening filter should be cleaned at least once a month by using a vacuum cleaner to suck out dirt. It is strongly recommended to replace this filter after 4-5 months.
  4. Replace the Air Filter
    If all the filters have been properly dried and cleaned everything can be installed back into position. Just insert the Air freshening filter first before the acrylic-fiber filter by inserting it upwards into its supporting frame. After, the acrylic –fiber filter is ready to be inserted back into the AC unit observing its correct position by clicking it back in a way that the left and right edges are in line. The position of the filter should be checked before operation of air conditioner.

3 Reasons to hire Oasis Aircon for servicing your Carrier Aircon

  1. Oasis is comparable to the excellence of the Carrier Company
    We genuinely interact with all our customers with the utmost desire to meet their concerns.  We listen to your comments and suggestions to strive harder to improve our service.  As much as we could, we try to follow up on every good and bad feedback we get from customers. How we differ from other aircon service provider is the amount of expertise and heart we put into work and that is something that money cannot buy.
  2. We provide very good aftersales service
    Continued support of services is provided even after a provision is rendered. We do not just stop at providing our services, but we ensure the trust to be taken accounted for. All our customers are treated like a Valued Partner and service should not end even after it has been provided. A good working relationship is something that we do not take for granted.
  3. Oasis provides only Top-notch Services
    Hired Skillful and knowledgeable technicians is what our company comprises. Rigorous training is done to meet all concerns and problems that our customers need. We do not settle for less than perfect service to all our customers. Our reviews from past and present customers are a testament to that excellence and we continue to provide that until today.
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