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Neighborhood Overview

Bukit Timah, which was developed in 1828, in Malay means “tin hill”. This is still considered to be a planning area and a residential estate in modern Singapore. Located in the western part of central Singapore, Bukit Timah measures 10 kilometers along Central Business District. Compared to the other towns of Singapore, Bukit Timah has one of the highest number of private housing considering it has little fund allotted by the government for public housing. And because of this, the residential houses and properties come in a much higher price. In general, Bukit Timah is situated in a really good location which results to a higher land value.

Common Types of Aircons in Bukit Timah

Key Attractions

Driving Directions

Establishments and residences in Bukit Timah can be easily accessed through the Bukit Timah Rd and turning thorugh the Farrer Rd to reach an access point. The ease of traffic in this town allows us to give service to your air condition at a timely manner. A clean and well-conditioned AC is just a call away.

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