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Gas Top Up
Service includes:
Cleaning & checking of air filter and front panel
Checking the bio-pure / deodorizing filter
Brushing & checking of indoor cooling coil
Flushing of drainage system
Cleaning & checking condenser coil
Pricing: AC Top Up
$30 - $80
$60 - $120

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Our Machine in Action

Our Process

Checking Refrigerant Level
A gas gauge will be used to check the level of refrigerant inside before gas top up aircon. This process will determine how much gas is needed to be filled into the refrigerant storage.
Determining Gas Type and Aircon Gas Refill
Proper refilling means using the right type of gas. Once the type of gas is determined, using a refrigerant tank, your aircon unit's refrigerant storage will be refilled with the amount of gas needed so that the level of gas goes back to normal.
Rechecking Refrigerant Level
Your refrigerant storage will be retested using a gas gauge to ensure that your air conditioner unit has enough refrigerant inside. Otherwise, we will top up aircon gas into your storage until gas level is normal.
Repairing and Further Safety Checks
To ensure safety of the whole unit, the refrigerant will also be checked for any damages to prevent any gas leak. Other faulty components are checked and repaired if necessary so nothing is overlooked.

Three Reasons Why We're Trusted

10 years of Aircon Service

Leading the Industry Standard

Most customers believe that staying in the industry for a long while means better service, more reliable and more professional. For Oasis, however, this is not what we've believed in. Our mantra is that longevity should be coupled with credibility, reliability and leading the industry with gold standards. We always innovate our aircon services and make sure to employ highly skilled and experienced technicians.

Customer Feedback and Satisfaction

Always open for improvement

Customer feedback and satisfaction is always important to any business, and Oasis is no exception to that. Our customers play an important role in our identity and our services. Through their feedback, we are able to know what works well for them and gives us big room to improve our services such as our well-designed gas top up aircon service. For instance, We've created this article about 8 misconceptions regarding topping up aircon gas based from our customers. Valuing customer feedback also shows you value them, and this is vital in improving customer retention and working relationships.

Warranty & Insurance

Customer Safety and Satisfaction

We are aware of all the potential dangers in doing our services. We believe that even with the most technical and skilled professionals doing the job, accidents may still happen. To ensure that both our workers and customers are safety, we are always backed with public insurance and worker compensation. Additionally, all of our service come with 30-day warranty. If top up gas aircon poses some problem, or if leaking occurred within the 30 days after our service, we are happy to go back and make sure the issue is fixed completely.

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