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Chemical Wash
Service includes:
Chemically disinfect air filters
Vacuuming of interior filters
Chemically disinfect cooling coil
Disinfect water tray & fan blower
Check discharge temperature & pressure
1 Fan coil
2 Fan coil
3 Fan coil
4 Fan coil

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Our Process

Disassembling the Main Parts
For proper cleaning, the whole air conditioning unit has to be fully dismantled. As such, the dismantling process needs to be properly executed to refrain from damaging certain parts. Our experience technicians service all kinds of aircons, may it have a simple or complex structure.
Cleaning and Cleansing
Chemical based solutions are now carefully applied to each dismantled part, especially the air filters and drainage pipes where dirt is often accumulated. After chemically cleaning, further cleansing needs to be done to remove any residue. A few aircon parts are immersed in the solution and dried afterwards.
The fan and bearings are equally important as they provide the air efficiency and coolness. By lubricating these parts, it allows for better movement and circulation of air, and this significantly increases the speed of the fan and reduces noise generated.
After the air condition unit has gone all through the process, it should be returned to its former glory. We ensure that all parts are well-placed and screwed, and you will notice a breakthrough in your unit!

Three reasons why we're trusted

Servicing your Aircon for a Decade

Professional and reliable years of experience

Our commitment to providing our clients with the best of the best services has always been our top priority. Our technicians have undertaken rigorous training and decade of air con servicing to ensure that our clients are satisfied with everything we do. Ourcover repairing, chemical cleaning, overhauling and maintenance under different situations and in different locations.

Insurance Package

We got you covered

Apart from the good service Oasis provides to its customers, insurance is also part and parcel of every aircon service. We are aware of the dangers and risks involve during the process of maintenance, and that we provide our customers and staff with insurances. Our company is backed by $1,000,000 worth of insurance from Tokio Marine, and we extend this others for safety and protection.

Warranty and After-Service

For your further concerns

Our confidence in excellence has led us to give warranty and follow-up services to all of our clients. As such, a 30-day workmanship warranty comes in all of our aircon services. This means that if any problem resulted from our servicing, we make sure to go back and fix it as soon as possible. This program is part of our assurance to our customers, and we will always be open to any of your concerns in the future.

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